The world’s most inspiring hair colour: The colour “you”

Colours, shades and hues lovingly infused into the very fabric of your hair can instantly express to the world the most sensational you.

As both a Redken and Revlon Colour Professional salon, our vision is to set you free with the ultimate colour creation – With soft fluid strokes and a variety of highlighting techniques that allow a freedom of expression like never before.

Blended into manes of ice-blonde, aquamarine, golden sun, warm chestnut, alluring brunette, passionate red, mysterious blacks…so many shades available to create sophisticated beauty that naturally blend from start to finish and brilliantly reflect light as subtly or boldly as you desire.

An outpouring of emotions on a canvas of hues that expresses the beauty that is you.


Colour Specialists - Exeter Hair Salon

In-Salon Hair Colour Just Got Faster…

We’re delighted to have partnered with Redken to introduce the first Express Colour Service in Exeter, aimed at fitting hair colour maintenance into your busy demanding lifestyle.

The new concept dramatically cuts down the time it usually takes for a new hair colour or getting roots retouched. Instead of spending time on cut, colour and blow dry, you book an appointment for colouring only and you can style/quick dry your own hair at one of our special Express Colour stations – or you can opt book your favourite stylist to finish the service as usual.

With five speedy colour maintenance services to choose from, Express Colour allows you to schedule your root touch-ups and colour transformations in between cuts and deliver professional results at a purse friendly price.

And the best part? All under an hour or your money back.

So, if your roots just need a cover up or if you simply want to add a new touch of colour to freshen up your look, then Express Colour is for you.

Colour Specialists - Exeter Hair Salon